Friday, 10 June 2011

Children's Film Tackles Divorce

A Dorset filmmaker is producing an animated film to help children embroiled in divorce.

Dean Evans of Retro Films directed the short film and draws parallels with experiencing creative blocks and the stung feeling of abandon that children often experience during separation from parents.

Disenchanted tells the story of a creative young boy who stops uses his imagination in the event of his parent’s divorce.

The original screenplay written by Dean Evans and Sarah Peace, has already garnered the attention of industry organisations that have come on board such as Open Society and Christchurch’s Regent Cinema, where the film will be premiered on July 2, 2011.

Further screenings will take place at the Forest Arts Centre and The Arts University College in the following summer months.

The film will use a combination of live action sequences and traditional stop motion photography to bring to life mythical characters from the story, who haunt the young lead.

10-year-old Adam Robert Nightingale from Weymouth was spotted during a TV presenting gig and has been cast in the lead role. He said, “The story is amazing and I can really relate to my character, Sam.” Adam will be supported in the role by Elizabeth Platt and former CBBC presenter, Michael Absalom, who plays his estranged father.

The National Child Development agency have surveyed the implications of family break up and revealed that divorce is still highly damaging to children, despite it being more acceptable.

Director Dean Evans said; “This film will colourfully narrate a poignant issue that is in the spirit of our time by addressing an issue many can associate with.”

Wednesday, 1 June 2011